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5. A Suggestion to Combat Corona Virus Pandemic

There are great challenges facing humanity today. Problems such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, environmental pollutions, hunger, poverty, social unrests, injustices, terrorisms, crimes, and so on.

But the most important problem the humanity is facing today is the Coronavirus Pandemic. Governments throughout the world have taken drastic actions to combat this virus and protect their people. They rely primarily on science and technology to solve this pandemic. In many countries, some people have resorted to prayers, asking God to solve their problem.

Before attempting to suggest a complementary solution for this problem, we need to explore as to why (not just how) such problem has come about.

I am in the opinion that any individual’s thoughts and actions affect the livelihood and well-being of other beings and the entire universe. There is a statement that “flight of a butterfly in India affects the fire burning in Southern California”. It is extremely difficult to prove this statement, or what I stated above.

There are scattered experiments to show how, for example, soft music can help the growth of plants or increase the milk production of cows. There have also been experiments to show how the thoughts, well-wishing and the love exuded toward plants have improved their growths, and hatred and ill-wishing has reduced their growths [1].

I believe we need to examine our thoughts and behavior, if we want to combat the present pandemic, and prevent the occurrence of future calamities.

I believe the suffering of people in different parts of the world because of wars and oppressions by their rulers, and the suffering of people and animals throughout the world because of the destruction of their habitats, and the drastic changes brought to the environment by people are the main reasons for the current pandemic and other disasters.