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1. A Holistic Approach to Management

Innovation, productivity and profit of any enterprise can be increased if the personnel are content and happy, and have love and respect for one another and for the natural environment. With love and respect for nature, clean sources of energy will be employed, waste production and the environmental pollution decreased.

Human values, including love, respect, ethics and motivation to do one’s best can be taught and cultivated in the personnel of any corporation. It is recommended that the managers, at all levels of the enterprise, adopt an attitude of treating their personnel as their brothers and sisters, developing love and respect for them, encouraging- and creating a working atmosphere for them to do likewise.

A procedure to implement holistic management in an enterprise is presented. In this method, particular attention is to be paid to human relation, energy and material consumption and their environmental effects. Areas where renewable sources of energy and material recycling can be employed are to be identified. Workshops are to be organized in order for the personnel to cultivate human values and ethics in themselves, and have the motivation to do one’s best. Personnel at different divisions of the enterprise are to be encouraged and helped to come up with a code of ethics for their divisions. The top management is to come up with a code of ethics for the corporation. A sense of belonging to the enterprise is emphasized. Economic performance of the enterprise, and the contentment and happiness of the personnel are to be monitored during the implementation process. The results are to be compared with the conditions prior to the implementation plan.