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2- Love to Be Happy

We are here on this planet to be happy.

Happiness is that quality of life which everyone strives to acquire and maintain.

It is our nature to pursue happiness; in fact, all our efforts are aimed at accomplishing just that.

Until now, the great majority of people have held that wealth, fame, higher social status and political power can secure happiness. Many people are trying to secure fame and riches in order to be happy. Often, once they reach their goals they discover that instead of being free, they are in bondage to their fame and material possessions, and no closer to happiness than when they began. On the opposite end of the spectrum of wealth and fame, there are many poor people who are happy. I have come to believe that: poverty, obscurity, wealth, fame, social status, and power have nothing to do with being happy and joyous. Happiness depends on factors entirely other than those just mentioned. These factors are discussed in great detail in this book.

Here is a summary of the steps suggested in this book for attaining happiness, and for developing a sustainable, joyous society.

1. Accept that you live on this planet to be happy, and that there are joys in life which are much deeper than the sense pleasures.

2. Accept that you alone are responsible for your happiness. You can acquire happiness by developing a proper attitude and working hard to attain it.

3. Accept that deep happiness and joy can be secured through unconditional love and selfless service to those who need them most.

4. Depending on your interests and talents, find out what is the most effective and important service you can render, and do it. If you are planning a profession or a career, again based on your interests and abilities, find out the most effective service that you can render. Prepare for it wholeheartedly, and visualize yourself doing that service successfully.

5. Accept that the Universe is abundant and very generous; that, through your own thoughts and efforts, the Universe will meet your needs; and that you do not need to expect anything from anyone. Never worry as to how you are going to make a living; trust that the Universe will provide.

6. In your service, never plan for wealth, fame, or the fruits of your action. Just serve unconditionally, with total love. If wealth and fame come because of your service, so be it; never become attached to them, and never become arrogant. Use them to serve more.

7. Think only of the good qualities of the people who occupy your mind. List these people’s good qualities, so that any time their shortcomings come to your mind, you can refer to this list and see the goodness in them. Wish well for anyone and anything you see or think about.

8. Forgive all those who have hurt you. Forgiveness brings you both health and happiness. When we forgive someone, or a situation, we release him, her, or it, to the Universe to be taken care of in the best way possible. We free ourselves of the burden of “prosecution”, and feel relieved by this. In making such a release to the Universe, we do not instruct it how to proceed. That is, we release any grudges we might hold against a person or situation. We simply let go of whatever we felt was our compromised right or damaged pride, and leave it to the Universe to handle with its grace and love for both ourselves and the other person or situation. Our reward for this action is the joy that we gain by forgiving and releasing the heavy weight of resentment.

9. Identify someone who symbolizes love and all the other positive human qualities, someone who has done selfless service, and someone whom you can easily love and relate to. I call this person a Master Teacher or, simply, a Master. This Master may be a living person or someone who has lived in the past. Learn as much as you can about this Master. Any time your mind wanders, direct it back to Him or Her. Keep the thought of the Master always in mind.