14-2 Related Books

1- University of Life

Living on this planet is like going to a University;


In this University everyone, irrespective of age, sex, color, and place of birth or residence, is both a student and a teacher, and all Earth’s natural resources are the University’s supporting staff.

The University of Life is established for us to learn important lessons. We learn that each of us is unique and beautiful manifestation or face of God; that each of us is playing a very important role in His drama of Creation.

Life’s important lesson is to teach me to recognize myself as one with everyone, with everything, and with God. I begin to consider everyone as my brother or sister, and every plant, insect and animals as my cousin.

When we learn this lesson that we are all simply different faces of the same One, and learn to drop all ideas of separateness, we graduate from this University and need not come back to it any longer, except maybe as “visiting professors.” These teachers come as prophets, saints, or sages to help the students study more effectively in this University.

In the University of Life I accept every events as part of my learning process, and every person in my life as a teacher. I accept the way everyone is learning his own lessons, too. If I find that I can help my fellow students and myself learn our lessons more effectively, I will do so, yet always with total love for them and myself. This way, perhaps we can all graduate sooner from The University of Life.